Successfully completed the RETAIL WORKSHOP 2016, Central America

Four days of excellent business for the retail sector in the region ended last July 29th in Mexico City, hostess chosen by Intcomex to quote 45 representatives of retail and 28 representatives of manufacturers, ensuring Central American people purchasing in superstores recent technology products from brands as Alcatel, Dell, Kempler & Strauss, Epson, Forza, Harman Kardon, Hewlett Packard, Huawei, Intel, Jam, Jbl, Kingston, Klip Xtreme, Lenovo, Lifeproof, Linksys, Marley , Microsoft, Nexxt, Otter, Sandisk, Wacom and Xtech.

The full agenda business began on July 26th at the premises of Hilton Mexico City Reforma, which hosted the 2016 edition of the renowned event with a welcome dinner held at the hotel terrace. The most important day for the event was Wednesday 27th early, at 8:15 am, began one to one meetings that should have a duration of 35 minutes personalized attention, meeting customers and manufacturers to establish business in a profitable day working sessions ended at 7:50 pm to give way to a dinner hosted by the company Lenovo in the prestigious restaurant La Hacienda de los Morales, which was enlivened by

professional musicians that offered a wonderful evening with the tune of the guitars.

As usual in Intcomex events, there is always room for recreation and culture, which should be capitalized in a big way if one considers the artistic and archaeological wealth that Mexico offered to friends and strangers, so it was for all attendees of Retail Workshop 2016 to the wonderful Pyramids Teotihucan, an unforgettable experience that opened with a ritual of welcome and ancestral thanks offered to indigenous gods. Lunch was also an opportunity to demonstrate the magnificence of the Mexican sites, being offered at La Cave Archaeological, a beautiful place nestled between a dormant volcano surrounded by greenery and mystical atmosphere that offers the best of prehispanic cuisine at the heat of a variety of folk performances.

Finally retailers in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama and representatives of technology companies manufacturers left the hotel on July 29th, to take up their countries the most important business for the region.