Accessories Division gathered partners and customers in Amsterdam Summit APR 2017

The Accessories Division carried out very successfully the second version of the APR Summit, which brought together more than twenty customers in Colombia, Equator, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, United States and Mexico, where they enjoyed a unique opportunity to learn firsthand the latest trends in consumer experiences and the digital impact on the revolution of retail, as were swift innovations by Belkin, one of the brands advertised as an Apple partner and a key part in the portfolio of the division.

From September 18th to September 22nd, attendees were able to develop and execute APR processes, in addition to the “Customer Journey” in a shop in the Netherlands, where the Apple APR program was originated.

The activity known as “Intcomex Laboratory” invited to experience firsthand the path that every customer runs for a buying decision process. In this visit, the event participants developed various roll play exercises where by using specific buyers’ profiles, they had to play a given consumption case scenario and analyze the actions and general behavior at the point of sale.

As part of the organizers and hosts of the day, the Accessories Manager Nicolas Boffi assured that “retail must understand the consumers’ behavior: they see the product in the physical store and then they buy the best price on the web, mobility then becomes a lever to increase sales across all channels.”

“Perhaps the key to change back the story of how to buy, how to sell, is to transform the concept from point of sale to touch point,” concluded Nicolas Boffi.

The feedback from all participants was very positive, all industry leaders gave their real vision of how they are addressing the digital transformation throughout Latin America, at an open debate meeting and by successfully closing the day to create a space for exchange strategic ideas with all partners present.