Logistics and distribution services

Accelerate-time-to market and effectively increase your distribution capabilities by leveraging the power of our value-added logistics

We maintain over 1M square feet of storage in 24 consolidation centers and warehousing facilities, spread over 24 different locations strategically located in 15 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, plus two main consolidation centers operating from Miami and Panama. Our own established infrastructure allows us to conveniently place your product close to your customers, which minimizes paperwork, expedites transit and lowers overall costs. Our goal is to have every order delivered in the right place, at the right time, all the time.

Our experienced professionals work closely with businesses to streamline their overall supply chain through customized distribution programs, dependable warehousing and the transportation of goods from point to point or to their final destination, in a safe, traceable and timely manner:

How our comprehensive line of specialized services can help


Kits and bundles made to order

Turn any product into a personalized concept… simply think inside the box. At Intcomex, we specialized in packaging and fulfillment services. Bundling is a very cost-effective and practical solution for manufacturers, corporations, businesses and operators who want to differentiate their offer and stay ahead of the game by delivering better value to their customers through personalized merchandising kits and promotions.



Capitalize on location and on local demand through our on-hand inventory approach, which ensures fast stock replenishment and prompt delivery. With a total of +1M square feet of warehouse space spread over 24 distribution facilities, your product is strategically positioned to effectively reach consumers throughout the Latin American and the Caribbean regions.


Pick, pack, ship and invoice

Intcomex brings a flexible pick, pack and ship procedure to handle the most demanding order profiles. Individual orders are picked, packed and dispatched to customers according to your requirements, complete with their own invoice and customized shipping labels. Our trained and skilled warehousing staff is committed to delivering results through the reliable fulfillment of every order.


Customs and import services

The complexities of international trade should never determine the extent of your market reach. Let our knowledgeable import service specialists handle the entire import process, or help you effectively fulfill trade regulations and procedures, so as to keep your cargo moving seamlessly through customs and across borders.



With our management and tracking capabilities in place, the status of orders can be monitored at every stage of the shipping process, until they arrive to their destination safely and on schedule.


Local delivery fleets

We get your product where it needs to be – on time and on budget. A reliable delivery network operating on an optimized route planning and transportation solution is ready to dispatch your product locally, with the speed and flexibility you need to keep up with fast-changing customer requirements in an increasingly complex business environment.


Reverse logistics

The average manufacturer will usually spend a significant amount of total revenue on returns. The cycle of a supply chain does not always end with the delivery of products to the final destination, but with their return and backward flow within the supply chain. Today, mastering the returns process is becoming increasingly important for companies, since it directly impacts their operating costs, their ROI, and the level of customer service required to compete in today’s economy.