Division of Accessories and Retail Services

Intcomex creates this new Division to serve the aftermarket and services to customers in the retail segment.

This area starts with linking Nicolas Boffi, new Director of the Division, who has extensive experience in the accessories segment, audio, and attention to retail customers. In turn, a team of professionals who complement the work of the division has been added.

To reinforce this new strategy, a new Accessories Division is pleased to announce the start of a relationship of partnerships with the following brands: JBL, Harman Kardon, Nude Audio, Otterbox, SMS Audio, Speck Products, Wicked Audio, Jam and House of Marley, among others, which come to strengthen the portfolio of company service.

Additionally and in line with the vision of the company, retail services unit has been integrated and Intcomex can deliver complete solutions to such clients from Education and Training to the Sales Force to promote solutions, design and solution plans and areas of expertise, product mix analysis and inventory management and merchandising and POP.

“To Intcomex it is very important specializing certain roles for the market and seeing the importance and growth in the industry the accessories and audio products have had, we decided to create this new division, in which we continue ratifying our commitment and leadership in the region,” Danny Schachtel, Chief Commercial Officer of Intcomex.