The Retail Workshop Consolidated its Position as the Most Important Technology Event in the Retail Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean

Recently, the city of Bogota became the Latin American retail capital when Intcomex successfully held the 17th edition of the Retail Workshop, which brought together more than 400 people, including nearly 80 clients and some thirty of the most important manufacturers in the technology industry.

After three years of hiatus due to social distancing, the most relevant players in the sector met again at the traditional event of the leading platform for the distribution of technology products and value-added solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“We were looking forward to meeting each other, and we came back much more experienced, stronger, and with much more enthusiasm. It was validated that the Retail Workshop is the most important technology event in the sector in Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Nicolás Boffi, VP of Retail and Director of the accessories division at Intcomex. “We made very good alliances and did very good business, and we agreed that now we have to talk to the consumer about ecosystems, about environments, which are made up of multiple categories.”

Business, Value Content, and Exhibitions

One of the highlights of the Retail Workshop 2022 was the execution of more than 450 business meetings, in which Intcomex clients had the opportunity to meet with leading brands in the technology industry and close strategic deals with many benefits for all parties.

“We had an incredible experience, with excellent meetings and we felt like family. We are a group of passionate people, among all of us we seek the best and enjoy what we do. We are thankful that they joined us and for the energy they transmitted to us,” added Boffi.

RWS 2022 also provided high-value strategic content with the participation of important speakers from the industry, such as Fernando Anzures, Laureano Turienzo, and Edwin Tachack, who offered their vision of the market, as well as advice to innovate and adapt to the new circumstances to grow in an increasingly competitive industry.

“In each edition, we try to deliver aspects of value that continue to strengthen the business and its evolution,” said Bruno Durán, Marketing Director of Intcomex. “After the pandemic it was necessary to renew concepts and bring together experts from each category of our industry, such as specialists, retailers, and technology providers, to integrate original, immersive and inspiring content about the future of retail.”

“We thank the manufacturers for their support and the customers for their attendance. We were incredibly well received, and we are proud of Intcomex’s leadership in the region and that the Retail Workshop is increasingly consolidating its position as the most important retail technology event in Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Durán.