The logistics and distribution sector comes with its unique challenges:

Transport delays, inefficient cargo monitoring, theft, staff errors, or vehicle wear and tear.
The transportation vertical provides concrete solutions that enhance efficiency and profitability with intelligent, connected technology.



Value Proposition

We support our channels by offering product training from the brands, product demos for conducting pilot tests, and assistance in various pilot tests with clients.

Due to our economies of scale, logistic efficiency, and volume negotiation with brands, we provide competitive prices for resellers to compete within the economic selection process. We offer credit lines and various financing models to expand the process into different projects.


Business Opportunities

Apart from the invaluable opportunity to save lives, safe transportation is a global concern, especially in the rapid response to traffic accidents and protection against potential terrorist attacks on transportation facilities.

Additionally, the increased passenger load and more complex transportation hubs require a central management system to safeguard against illicit activities like theft and disruptive behavior.

Success Story | FEMSA Coca-Cola

Both Mobileye and Cipia generate alerts to the driver, minimizing the risks that can lead to fatal road accidents, which could result in the loss of vehicles or fleet availability for one of the most critical processes in FEMSA Coca-Cola, the logistics that accompanies brand positioning and product distribution in the entire market.