Intcomex and Mobileye offers the best road safety solution

Through the IoT Transport & Automotive division, the alliance between two companies presents an affordable and profitable offer that saves lives and makes roads safer 

With the strengthening of Transport & Automotive division, Intcomex strengthens its leadership in the distribution industry in Latin America and the Caribbean. Since the launch of the new vertical of IoT, it has been enhanced through the alliance with one of the most important brands in the market: Mobileye, a company that specializes in the development of advanced technology for detection and processing of images on the road.

Rafael Danon, IoT Transportation & Automotive division director at Intcomex, said that the offer of the leading platform for the distribution of technology products and value-added solutions throughout the region is focused on Mobileye developments. “This company was acquired by Intel in 2017 and its solutions are aimed at any company that has vehicles. Technology helps prevent traffic accidents, based on artificial vision.

The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) of the road safety solution presented by Intcomex and Mobileye consists of the installation of an artificial vision camera inside the vehicle, which allows to obtain a series of passive preventions, with up to 2.7 seconds of anticipation. It warns the driver about a possible frontal collision with another vehicle, pedestrians or cyclists, lane departure, prudent distance with the vehicle ahead, speeding, presence of traffic signs and visibility difficulties on the road.

Currently, there are more than 50 million devices with this technology globally. The company developed a chip, the brain, combined with an artificial vision camera that looks at what the human eye sees, and which is then incorporated into the different vehicles. This is the path that the entire automotive industry is taking for the future autonomous vehicle, where Mobileye already has plans to launch the robotaxi in 2023,” said Danon.

Strategic alliance with manufacturers

Intcomex has entered strongly into a growing market and the plans for 2020 are to continue strengthening its presence in this sector. “We had a good 2019, in which we expanded our reach and worked hand in hand with the manufacturers, for whom it is often difficult to enter the markets quickly,” said the IoT Transportation & Automotive director at Intcomex. “Additionally, manufacturers are not in Latin America, therefore, penetrating the market is more difficult for them. Our mission is to continue growing while opening channels, teaching sales processes, look at end customers and supporting presentations.”

The alliance between Intcomex and Mobileye offers a robust solution that has an added value that is affordable and profitable, since reducing collisions can lead to economic savings in terms of repairs and subsequent insurance premiums; and when driving with the installed system, better driving habits are naturally adopted. In addition, around 1.25 million people die each year in the world as a result of traffic accidents, which is why Mobileye solution comes to play a decisive role in preventing road fatalities.

Regional scoop

Chile and Mexico are the first countries that started in this market and in which there is greater product penetration, but with Intcomex we are entering all of Latin America,” said Danon. “We are the first wholesalers in this world, which is changing and will set the course of technology in the coming years. Therefore, we see great opportunities in this sector, which in turn adds to everything related to smart cities, which also include mobility and connectivity.”

Also, Intcomex has an alliance with Amber Connect, which develops telemetry solutions with different verticals by industry, which allows, for example, to identify the speed and the way in which a driver drives a vehicle.

In a short time, Mobileye will launch a new version of its solution, which will have data transmission to a Big Data. When the vision camera is in the vehicle, it can record driving and at the same time map the city. In this way, integrating it with Amber Connect, you can have detailed information about the driver’s behavior, as well as the city you are traveling,” Danon said.