Intcomex and Nexetic join forces to offer the best solution in backup and protection

The alliance between the two companies provides an optimal security tool for private business information

Intcomex, the leading platform of value-added solutions and technology products in Latin America and the Caribbean, announces its alliance with Nexetic to offer a security solution for backup and protection.

Nexetic, a company that has MSPs as the core of their channels sales and has more than 300 reseller partners, considers Intcomex to be its number one ally and its only strategic partner in the region. For this reason, the alliance between both organizations will provide the best tool to secure valuable business data on computers, servers and cloud.

The inclusion of Nexetic in our Cloud portfolio is due to the need to offer solutions so that partners can establish their backup and protection strategy in the era of digital transformation,” said Joseph Bouhadana, Vice President Cloud Computing of Intcomex.

Precisely, cloud services are today more valuable than even for companies. With the support of Nexetic, customers can be offered a solution with the control and security that this renowned brad guarantees.

We have learned that, in the case of strategic partnerships, it is important that parties share the same mindset and have a common level of ambition. Nexetic could not be more satisfied with Intcomex’s professional maturity, the desire to provide better end-customer services and strong presence in Latin America and Caribbean,” said Toni Luhti, Chairman of the Board Nexetic Oy. “We really expect a lot of business value directly to the end-customers from this collaboration.”