Intcomex celebrates 16 years of continuous growth in the Ecuadorian market

In 2000, Intcomex started operations in Ecuador with 16 people. Now, 16 years later and thanks to the hard work and efforts of 120 employees, the company, based in Quito and Guayaquil, has become one of the largest wholesale distributors of technology in the Andean country.

With an exhibition showroom for the channels, a meeting with manufacturers and a special dinner with company employees, Intcomex gave well deserved recognition to all those people that have contributed to its growth.

Marisol Vásconez, Supplies Delivery Manager, was one of the people featured as the first customer to purchase products from the Intcomex portfolio. The collaborators that have been with the company for the most amount of time were also recognized.

Intcomex hopes to continue its work to achieve its big goals and expectations and to establish itself as the best wholesaler in Ecuador thanks to the work of all the people that make up the company.

Congratulations to the XEC subsidiary on its sixteenth anniversary!