Intcomex Chile Summit 2017, an extraordinary event

Last July, at Santiago Business & conference Events Center, Intcomex, along with his clients, vendors and business partners, celebrated 23 years of constant growth in the South-American country.

Alejandra Molina, Intcomex Chile General Manager, thanked each one of the invitees for their attendance to the event and, specially, for the assistance during the growth process of the branch office in the last decades.

“We are here and we want to celebrate it with you”, stated Alejandra Molina and then she continued: “For Intcomex it is a need to assist you every day, in a constant way, and we work constantly for that, aiming the continuous improvement of our processes in order to provide you with the best service”

“We are way more than just a traditional partner, we are a really specialized wholesaler who has earned the credibility and trust of the market, setting long term relationships with each one of you, focused on generating value for both parties”, concluded Alejandra Molina.

Hans Cristi, Intcomex Sales Manager, shared the evolution of Intcomex business in Chile since its beginning, he showed the position the company has in the local distribution market and the growth forecast for the next 6 years.

Besides, the executive invited the attendees to be part of the new stage that is starting for Intcomex with the opening of its new Business center in August, located downtown of Santiago and which will hold the business offices, sales halls, warehouses, as always, giving a front-line logistics and a first level for the channel.

In a great night, with live music, different prizes were drawn for the cannel. There was a spectacular led lights dance show and we had the chance of enjoying an interesting intervention of Federico Sanchez about the evolution of technology and its impact in life nowadays.

This way, Intcomex Chile confirmed itself as one of the most important players in the distribution market and that it´s giving firm steps to keep on strengthening its position in the technology industry of the country.