Intcomex consolidates the ideal electronic security solution

With 27 years of experience in the technology market, Intcomex incorporates an integral solution in electronic security to its portfolio, with products from excellent brands which will allow its resellers to increase their sales and profitability.

Intcomex incorporates the most outstanding manufacturers in the field of electronic security in its line card to meet the requirements of multiple vertical markets, from residential solutions to SMB and business and infrastructure solutions.

The security distribution platform

Intcomex Security Division consists of 6 categories: CCTV, intrusion, access control, fire detection and extinction, storage and accessories. These areas make up the security portfolio.

In the category of CCTV, which represents 50% of the electronic security market, video surveillance is effectively attained through on-site equipment (cameras) and control equipment (monitors, DVR and NVR) in addition to other products, which adopt analog HD and IP technology.

High quality alarm systems to safeguard the integrity of different types of buildings, constitutes the intrusion category, the purpose being to deter or detect unauthorized presence in certain areas subject to the control and monitoring by this type of equipment.

In the categories of access control, detection and fire extinction, all the tools are available to allow or prevent the entrance to a given area and to give warning of conflagration or prevent fires respectively.

The storage solution is built from hardware and software that allows the storage and management of video streams (according to the needs of each project and the end user).

The accessories complement and allow the installation of all electronic security solutions in its different categories. This covers video and power supplies all the way through brackets, electromagnetic locks and motion sensors.

Diego Lozano, director of the Security Division of Intcomex, expressed that the portfolio of the division is comprised of “the most important brands in the market which allows us to offer products and a complete solution: Hikvision, Pelco, Hanwha, Honeywell, RBH, among other leading manufacturers. There are about 30 brands in the catalog for electronic security, plus the networking portfolio traditionally marketed by Intcomex.”

Substantial benefits

Serving more than 5,400 active customers, with a monthly average of 1,500 customers regionally, the Security Division offers its resellers unrivaled benefits in order to provide a profitable operation for all. Most importantly, Intcomex as a wholesaler, is no direct competitor for its customer base, due to its policy of no-sales to the end user.

Other advantages of Intcomex are credit lines for product acquisition, a large amount of local inventory and its efficient logistics infrastructure.

Finally, Intcomex provides support to resellers through the pre-sale service and guarantees a high level of support with trained and certified personnel to meet any requirement in the different categories.

The security division of Intcomex is an addition to its current structure and complements its leadership in the technology market with the premise of respect and support to its distribution channel.

In conclusion, the best purchase option is Intcomex because “we offer a solution in which all the products of the security division converge: networking, storage and communications; all in one place, at adequate prices, inventory availability in more than 15 countries, credit, pre-sales support, among many other benefits ” Diego Lozano affirms.

Intcomex, the most complete solution with the best in world technology in the field of electronic security.