Intcomex Ecuador celebrates its 20 years with new successes - Intcomex

Intcomex Intcomex Ecuador celebrates its 20 years with new successes

The company has great surprises in store to celebrate with its customers and continue to provide them with the best solutions

Quito, October 23, 2020.- On October 27, 2000, the doors of the Intcomex subsidiary in Ecuador were opened. Then, the company started with an investment of 40 thousand dollars and today, 20 years later, it occupies one of the most important positions in the country’s business network.

Although 2020 has been a tough test for everyone, Intcomex Ecuador celebrates in October not only two decades of existence, but also having been able to stay by the side of its customers to, despite the circumstances, continue to provide them with the best technology solutions and help them in the objective of boosting their business.

“This year our position is going to grow even more compared to other wholesalers, since we have managed to avoid the crisis affecting us and we have turned it into an opportunity to grow,” said Paul Bergmann, general manager of Intcomex Ecuador. “Customers see us as a serious supplier, who has supported them in these difficult times, they trust us because we have shaken hands and our value offer has given them greater product coverage.”

So, the celebration of the 20 years of Intcomex Ecuador, although it will have special characteristics due to social distancing and biosafety protocols that the company has fully complied with, it will have many reasons to celebrate.

Privileged position

Recently, Ekos magazine published its Top-1000 business ranking, in which Intcomex del Ecuador S.A. it climbed nine positions compared to last year to reach box 177. The published data shows an increase of 6.2% in revenues, which reached USD $ 102.87 million in the previous year.

Bergmann points out several reasons for the sustained growth of the Ecuadorian subsidiary of the leading platform for the distribution of technology products and value-added solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. “The most important thing is that we have created value for customers. That is, supporting distributors, generating new lines of business and a closer relationship with them to support them. This has helped us to increase our participation with them,” said the general manager of Intcomex Ecuador.

“We do not compete with the channel, but we maintain the DNA of the company, which is to be the supplier and not the competition. In addition, by deepening our business divisions, for example, POS and Education, and strengthening lines such as Security and Exclusive, it has allowed us to consolidate what we have been working on, grow in market share and telephony and, in general, offer a greater offer of value to the channels.”

Two decades of success

October is a period of party for Intcomex Ecuador and several events have been prepared to celebrate with the whole family that is part of the company. “We have a well-loaded agenda in order to celebrate this special date with our workforce and with our clients,” said Patricia Granja, marketing manager of the Ecuadorian subsidiary.

Among the activities that are planned to celebrate 20 years of Intcomex Ecuador are:

– Promotions and special prices on the WebStore throughout the month: Consumer and Corporate.

– Intcomex Retro Concert by Dell Technologies: a talented international band will give a recital with music from the 80’s (October 27, 7:00 p.m.).

– Prizes, gifts and much more.

The Good news does not stop

We have been adapting to the topic of virtual support and, above all, to managing with clients through the WebStore, which, for example, in September reached 40% of the company’s total transactions during this period,” said Paul Bergmann, general manager of Intcomex Ecuador.