Intcomex is also a leader in the execution of events and training in the distribution industry in Latin America

Intcomexpo, Retail Workshop and Intcomex Security Tour were some of the outstanding scenarios that the company organized during 2019 in the framework of its 30th anniversary

Intcomex, the leading platform of value-added solutions and technology products in Latin America and the Caribbean, organized in 2019 a total of 1007 events, including local and regional exhibitions, trainings and certifications, within the framework of the anniversary number 30 of the organization.

One of the main events was Intcomexpo, the most important technology exhibition in the area, which, as usual, created an innovative and productive space in which customers knew the latest news, strategies and products of the most relevant brands in the market.

The tour for eight countries began in Guatemala, where through conferences, workshops, business rounds, exclusive launches and much more, Intcomexpo was once again the scenario in which our clients could interact with the main technology brands, access advance information of new products and participate in negotiations, exclusive promotions and training talks. Panama, Peru, Costa Rica and El Salvador were the places where continued the technological route, which closed its calendar in Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico and Dominican Republic.

“We want that attendees at each Intcomexpo to live this experience and find a way to give a positive turn to their business”, said Bruno Durán, Marketing Director at Intcomex. “It is a tool for our channels to find more opportunities in different market niches and thus develop their company in a better way.”


Always at the forefront of technology

Another highlight of the events organized by Intcomex was Retail Workshop, the most influential retail technology meeting in Latin America and the Caribbean, which in 2019 gathered in Bogotá, in its 16th edition, the representatives of the most important retailers in the region.

As a host, Intcomex received more than 275 attendees among customers, manufacturers, international speakers and special guests. Always at the forefront of technology, Retail Workshop 2019 was attended by more than 25 leaders in the technology industry, including Google, Amazon, Zagg, JBL, HP, Intel, Microsoft and Lenovo, etc.

Among the more than one thousand events that Intcomex organized during the past year there were more than 600 trainings and certifications carried out for the manufacturers in each subsidiary, which total more than 25,000 people trained and turn the company into the most solid technology channel training platform in the region.

Security is also an area that the company has as a priority, so Intcomex Security Tour has a reserved date on the agenda. The most important safety exhibition in the region is organized in partnership with the technology manufacturers, with whom the programming, the presence of speakers and logistics are defined. In 2019, this event took place in several Latin American countries, in which news were presented and commercial samples were made of the main brands of the Intcomex portfolio in this area.

This security exhibition, which already has great recognition in the region, and it is organized by the Electronic Security Business Division, aims to show the latest trends in protection systems, access controls and storage systems. 

A thousand expectations for 2020

For more than 30 years, passion and commitment have differentiated Intcomex as a leading player in the industry, and by 2020 it has new challenges and goals to meet. The agenda will begin with Strategic Caribbean Summit, a fruitful business round, in which the most exclusive clients of the English Caribbean can project their business in each edition with the best suppliers.

“Every year we received of our most important clients and partners in this event, in which the priority is the commercial growth of the companies. It is a meeting where good business and growth opportunities come together to provide a strategic year,” said Sandra Barahona, Marketing Director at Intcomex Miami.

Later, in May, Intcomexpo will begin its journey. Within the framework of its 20th anniversary, the exhibition round will begin in Guatemala, where brands will have the invaluable opportunity to present their products and services, in addition to working directly with customers in order to identify the best solutions for impact the growth of your business.

“In 2020 we will have news that will make Intcomexpo Guatemala the best starting point for the annual calendar of the most important technology exhibition in Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Edgar Noguera, Marketing Manager at Intcomex Guatemala. “We are preparing conferences with renowned speakers from the region, who will provide their knowledge to the attendees, in addition to the experience centers, that our clients can live to the fullest with their five senses.”

For Retail Workshop, the largest retail event in the region, many innovations are also being prepared. “In 2019 we had more than 275 attendees, important business rounds, a custom showroom and an escape room that gave more personality to our corporate meeting. We will continue to grow with our customers and in 2020 we will offer another satisfactory Retail Workshop,” said Bruno Durán, Marketing Director at Intcomex.