Intcomex Mexico innovates with its proposal of vertical business solutions

Intcomex, the leading technology distribution platform in Latin America, successfully presented an integrated concept of vertical solutions to expand the business options of channels in the latest edition of its Intcomexpo.

On October 19th and 20th more than 1500 distributors of the technology sector enjoyed over 60 hours of talks, conferences and meetings focused on the products and services that comprise said vertical business solutions to recognize, analyze and learn about them.

Sandra Mendoza, Intcomex Marketing Manager for Mexico, said: “The goal is to show our partners the wide range of opportunities and for them to understand that they can expand their reach to the market with multiple platforms.”

The vertical solution refers to the convergence of the divisions of Intcomex so that the channel can offer diverse integrated alternatives in order to meet the technological needs of the educational sector, tourism sector, home, shops, retail stores, accessory stores, offices and customers that are gamers.

In order to train the channels about this business initiative, training and technical sessions were provided on the best configuration of the vertical packages. The 45 participating brands presented their respective value propositions to the partners.

This portfolio of solutions, specifically aimed at verticals, has the goal of “opening up the panorama of products to the channel because sometimes they just focus on a single type of product,” added Mendoza.

Intcomex seeks to help channels generate new business thanks to the interaction between divisions, particularly between electronic security and computation areas, so that they can offer a greater quantity of products to their customer base.

At the Intcomexpo Mexico fair, information was provided on the renewed financing scheme, which includes the expansion of credit and express approval, as well as the advantages of speed, ease and convenience of being able to find the best of the Technological world from an extensive catalog of products and services in the online store.