Intcomex, Ubiquiti wireless solutions distributor for Latin America and the Caribbean

With the goal of always providing the best in the technology market, Intcomex and Ubiquiti have consolidated a partnership through which they will offer comprehensive Networking solutions to their channels in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This partnership has been created in order to deliver innovative connectivity technology to clients, with the best price-performance ratio in setting up personalized solutions for various business verticals:

  • • Hotels
  • • Education
  • • SMEs
  • • Large Companies
  • • Digital Cities
  • • Shopping Centers
  • • Stations with a high pedestrian traffic
  • • Stadiums
  • • Service Providers
  • • Conference Rooms

Ubiquiti, with over 12 years in the Networking industry and being the leader in Radio Frequency with over 60 million devices deployed in over 180 countries, provides great benefits through its products and services portfolio:

  • • New generation of networks with the greatest flexibility for an unlimited growth of devices and users
  • • Certified professionals in advisory and assistance for setting up the required solution
  • • License-free and no hidden costs in all solutions
  • • Certifications for Channels & Clients: Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin and Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Admin

According to Jerry Aguilar, Intcomex Regional Product Manager, this arrangement “enables all of our business partners to achieve new business opportunities, which ensure greater profitability and better market positioning”

“It is also important to note that thanks to Ubiquiti technologies, the end user will experience a new generation of Networking solutions, through which businesses will see a completely new connection concept”, added Aguilar.

In the words of Luis Ortega, LATAM Channel Manager, Ubiquiti opens new business opportunities for all channels, thanks to a new generation of solutions in which software is more intuitive, due to the fact that it is constantly evolving thanks to a continuous communication with clients.

Ortega also added “our products are much more intuitive and quick to implement, because we listen to our users and their needs to bring a solution to their requirements; moreover, we develop sales items with the best Software-Hardware ratio, always keeping cost-benefit in mind”.

In Telecommunications solutions, our wireless link holds a world record in distance and capacity: “304km with 360Mbps”. In Business Solutions, we have UniFied communications: Switch/WiFi/Firewall, which enables companies to develop and grow. We always set out to eliminate connectivity barriers, building networks for everyone, everywhere, said Luis Ortega in conclusion.