Intcomex was in the elite of retail in the NRF 2020

The world’s largest retail exhibition was attended by 40,000 people, 18,000 retailers and 800 exhibitors.

Intcomex, the leading platform of value-added solutions and technology products in Latin America and the Caribbean, was one of the companies that met in the National Retail Federation 2020: Retail’s Big Show, the largest retail conference and exhibition of the world.

Alfred Navarro, Regional Director POS-DC and Digital Signage at Intcomex, was in New York, where the event took place at the beginning of the year.

This edition was attended by about 40,000 people, who shared visionary ideas, built alliances and experienced the latest technologies. NRF 2020 brought together 18,000 retailers, 800 exhibitors and, in general, the entire retail industry, on a platform where the latest concepts about the future of retail technology and the cultural transformation of the company were raised.

The main theme that could be observed in the event, which like every year was held in New York, was the self-checkout, which is not a new trend, but which aims to have an exponential explosion this year. “The extensive use of cell phones in the world has professionalized people in the use of technology and has accelerated the adoption of self-checkout technology,” said Navarro.

Successful purchases, best sales

In the exhibition also highlighted the offer of beacons to analyze consumer behavior and increasingly customize the offer to customers 1-1. Beacons are the spearhead of Customer Analytics, and the improvement and lowering of this technology make them increasingly affordable and easy to implement by all retailers.

“Precisely, Customer Analytics was one of the great themes of the show, not only in the part of acquiring the data, which is very developed, but what to do with that information,” said Navarro. “It’s about how to transform the infinity of data that is being captured from consumers to really make a specialized target and get a purchase more successfully. The ability to process, analyze, and conclude what to do with this data is the point where large retailers can monetize all this information and positively affect sales.”

Digital Signage showed in the NRF 2020 that it can be much more than an attractive display. By integrating it with beacons and other technologies, it can be transformed into real sales tools, in which in many cases they can be easily financed or paid through the same advertising of the manufacturers, which allows the latest Digital Signage and smart mirrors to be integrated in a large or small retail.

POS-DC & Digital Signage is one of the business divisions that stand out in the Intcomex portfolio. “Intcomex POS Division was created in 2019 so that the company began to be an important player in the POS & DC industry,” said Alfred Navarro. “With the goal of becoming a large regional distributor, which at the same time be a local distributor, with local offices and inventory, and reach the small resellers of each country.”

The presence of Intcomex in the NRF 2020 is another step towards the company’s aspiration to “lay a solid pillar – for team, strategy and relationships – to grow in a sustainable and scalable way towards the future,” said Regional Director POS-DC and Digital Signage at Intcomex. “In addition, we invest in medium and long-term brands and strategies, which give us an exclusive added value.”