A New and Successful Intcomexpo in Costa Rica

The latest edition Intcomexpo Costa Rica brought together the best brands in the market, the most renowned manufacturers and over 600 channels, to introduce and offer solutions of the highest quality based on a comprehensive product portfolio.

The 17th edition of Intcomexpo held in this Central-American country, which took place this last at the Marriot Hotel in the city of San José the past 10th of August, provided two wonderful possibilities: The traditional trade show and a special business-meeting day, where participants found unparalleled opportunities to grow their companies.

On the special business-meeting day, retail channels and the main manufacturers in the sector could establish and settle successful business deals.

In the words of Aida Hernández, Intcomex Costa Rica Marketing Director, “this is the most anticipated technology event for resellers and market integrators. We are fascinated with the idea of helping our customers to grow and facilitate rapprochement with such prestigious brands”.

The Gaming Division had a notable participation considering that it is advancing with a steady pace in the IT sector and bringing together innumerable business opportunities.

Spartan Geek from Mexico, one of the most widely known Youtubers in the Gaming world, shared his knowledge and made recommendations for users in this market; in addition, he assembled a Gaming PC live using the best products that could possibly be found in this segment.

Attendants also enjoyed a Cosplayer show which featured performances of characters such as Skull Kid, Paladine Tier, Mercy and Raiden Skull Kid, Paladine Tier, Mercy y Raiden.