ZKTeco Access Control Solutions have arrived at Intcomex

Intcomex continues to move forward in the process of being positioned as the top Security Distributor in Latin America and the Caribbean, this time together with ZKTeco and its specialized access control products.

This distribution agreement, signed last January, includes marketing Access Control, Time and Attendance, Entry Control (Access Barriers) and Smart Lock/Hotel Lock solutions , which will be available for our Caribbean, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Uruguay channels.

Diego Lozano, director of the Intcomex Security E-security Division, affirms that Inctomex is taking a very importance step towards expanding its Security Solutions portfolio through this distribution agreement.

“We continue to grow. ZKTeco enables us to address needs in various vertical markets with a high-quality and highly innovative portfolio; if this is coupled with our value offer: availability, credit and support, our clients will maximize their competitiveness and profitability in access control opportunities”, Lozano states.

On his part, Brian Liu, CEO of ZKTEco for Latin America, states that his brand and Intcomex “are proud to announce their business partnership to distribute security solutions with the best biometric technology in the industry throughout all of Central and South America”, considering that ZKTeco enables user authentication through fingerprint, retina, iris, and facial /veins/hand/palm pattern reading.

This technology, Liu adds, “replaces traditional authentication methods such as proximity cards or PIN numbers, and it therefore raises the level of security”.

Intcomex does not stop at delivering innovative products and services in the field of e-security to its channels.