About us

We are here to connect people, organizations and communities in Latin America and the Caribbean as the leading platform for the latest technology products and value-added solutions.

Relevant figures


We have a local presence based on our own network of 15 subsidiaries, 2 consolidation centers located in Miami and Panama, serving more than 41 countries throughout the region.


We currently serve more than 50 thousand distribution channels, represented by value-added channels, retailers and telecommunications operators.


Manufacturers with a portfolio of more than 12,000 products.


Square meters of capacity in 24 storage and distribution points.

The experience gained in understanding the diversity of each Latin American economy allows us the flexibility to formulate a multinational plan according to the specific needs of each local market.

Our history

In January 1989, Thony Shalom -current Chairman of Intcomex- and his son Mike Shalom -current CEO of the company- founded Intcomex as a small local company dedicated to software distribution in South Florida, USA. That same year they began exporting technology products from the United States to several Latin American countries.

Our organization continues its expansion in the industry thanks to our partners, outstanding team of professionals and divisions specialized in different market segments. These divisions are: Security, Point of Sale, Accessories and Retail Services, Servers, Components, Computers, Portability, Networking, Software, Video Games, Peripherals, Printers, Consumables, Electronics, Mobile and Cloud Technology Solutions.



Founding of Intcomex, exporting technology products from the U.S. to LATAM



First subsidiary for sales and distribution of products in Mexico



New operations in Panama and Chile



Expansion of operations to Peru, Guatemala and Uruguay



New operations in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador and Jamaica



Opening of operations in Colombia



Intcomex enters the mobile distribution market, after establishing its headquarters in Miami



With more than 30 years of leadership in the region, Intcomex consolidates its presence by evolving into a multinational platform of value-added solutions and technology products.


Promote the growth of people, organizations, and communities in Latin America and the Caribbean, connecting them with the latest technology, facilitating their digitalization, thus generating a favorable impact that drives technological development in the region.


To be the best technology distribution platform reaching every corner of Latin America and the Caribbean.

To contribute to our manufacturers’ growth and the success of our customers, providing omnichannel access to a wide variety of products and services in their category in order to achieve an exceptional and sustainable experience.

Corporate values:

Meet our Excutive management team

Intcomex’s management team, in addition to possessing extensive and diverse knowledge of the industry, is characterized by its comprehensive approach that allows it to recognize challenges as well as identify future opportunities.

Mike Shalom

Chief Executive Officer | President Director

Danny Schachtel

Chief Operating Officer

Jorge Díaz

Chief Financial Officer

Humberto Melo

Chief Information Officer

Maria Pia Bazzolo

V.P. HR Global

Nicolas Boffi

V.P. Retail Services

Joseph Bouhadana

V.P. Cloud Services

Ariel Engelsztajn

V.P. Product Strategy – Broadline

Mike Krigsfeld

V.P. Business Development

Yali Luna

V.P. of Inventory & Purchasing

Martha Rivera

V.P. Digital Services

Franklin Moron

V.P. Mobile

Bruno Durán

Marketing Regional Director

Guillermina Pinnel

Legal and Compliance Regional Director

Mauro Butelmann

Presidente Chile

Manuel Campos

General Manager Colombia y Perú

Ariel Engelsztajn

General Manager Costa Rica

Paul Bergmann

General Manager Ecuador

Allan Escobar

General Manager El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala y Honduras

Sergio Lievano De Bedout

Sergio Lievano De Bedout

General Manager Colombia

Matthew Deleon

General Manager Jamaica

Simon Roitman

General Manager México

Carlos Gadpille

General Manager Panamá

Javier Martínez

President Panamá

Xavier Álvarez

General Manager Uruguay

Hans Cristi

General Manager Chile