Logistics and distribution services

Logistics and distribution services

Accelerate the commercialization of your products in the market and effectively increase your distribution capacity by taking advantage of our value-added logistics.

We maintain an area of more than 100,000 square meters for distribution and warehousing, spread over 24 different locations, which are strategically located in 15 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, in addition to two consolidation centers operating from Miami and Panama. Our existing infrastructure allows us to easily place the product at your customers’ disposal, which minimizes the paperwork and transit time of the cargo, with the subsequent reduction of operating costs. Our goal is to consistently and systematically deliver each order to the right place at the right time.

How can our full line of specialized services benefit you?

Kits and bundles made to order

Turn any product into a unique concept. Just dare to think in terms of innovation.


Boost regional demand in strategic locations with our readily available inventory.

Pick, pack, ship and invoice

We also prepare orders that are picked, packed and shipped to the final recipient according to our customers’ instructions, with our own invoice and label.

Customs and import services

Our import service specialists handle the entire process and will guide you in complying with the regulations and procedures governing international trade.


With our management and tracking system, you will know the status of your orders until they are received in perfect condition and on the scheduled date.

Local delivery fleets

Thanks to our reliable distribution chain based on a transportation network and route optimization, we deliver your product where you need it, on time and within your budget.

Reverse logistics

The supply chain cycle does not necessarily end with the delivery of products to their final destination; it also involves the return and reverse flow of the item within that process.