Global services

A global presence with a single approach

Customers need a partner that offers customized solutions that can be channeled more efficiently and cost-effectively than in the past. Our specialized teams align with your business objectives to strengthen your capabilities and offerings, without expanding infrastructure or staff. Whether you need a single solution or to synchronize several at once, we provide you with all the resources you need to ensure the viability of your strategic outcomes.

Retail services and point of sales management

Creating exceptional customer experiences that will translate into sales.

Experience centers

We invite you to learn how to generate more revenue through tactics that promote the recognition and level of commitment of your customer base to your brand.

Category management

At this key point of success at the point of sale, we will help you maximize inventory productivity and increase profit margins to attract more traffic and improve customer satisfaction.

Promotion staff

We optimize selling power by creating innovative selling environments and persuasive displays to enhance product value and increase the consumer’s opportunity to purchase.


Our solutions help ensure a dynamic, persuasive and organized store layout to realize its full potential.

Market analysis

We help the retail industry understand market dynamics and interpret what their customers want, based on business metrics, analytical techniques and surveys to measure the outcome of initiatives.


We have the personnel in charge of boosting your business sales and product recognition through the creation of unforgettable experiences that identify with your brand.


Focused on your floor representatives, associates, store personnel and promoters acquiring the knowledge, capacity and skills that will allow them to achieve their sales objectives.

Marketing services

Event platform

We conceptualize and implement events and business meetings of any size and magnitude: conventions, conferences, strategic corporate meetings and trainings, as well as technology fairs of the highest level, such as our renowned Intcomexpo.

Event planning

We address your company’s specific objectives and increase the visibility of your portfolio, with decisive and consistent results aimed at consolidating your brand.

Incentive programs

Designed to reward, retain and increase the motivation of sales teams, to achieve an increase in channel productivity.

Advertising and design services

Earn consumer preference through our effective communication and creativity in mini-websites, e-blasts, flyers, brochures, flyers, posters, banners and all types of displays.

Digital services

We promote integral solutions through social networks, e-blasts and minisites to strengthen brand image and connect with your audience, influencing the customer’s purchase decision.

Contact center

Our call center, with presence throughout the region, is the point where the generation of contacts, inquiries, business opportunities and demand generation converge, all in real time.

Channel enablement

We actively engage 50,000 channels. Channels are proactively trained on your product and are incentivized to hone commercial skills to successfully handle complex transactions, as well as higher volume sales.

Learning workshops

We offer a wide variety of specialized training programs for the channel in the region, with more than 600 sessions per year aimed at transforming sales representatives into expert consultants in products and services.

Financial services

With a solid and flexible portfolio of financial services, we offer better terms and conditions and provide the best protection in times of instability or risk due to fluctuations in business activity.

Contact the credit department in your country to find out how our competitive solutions can enhance your ability to expand and consolidate your business or company in the market you wish to prospect.

Our financial advantages include:

Lines of credit

Risk management

Electronic invoice

Account activity online access 24/7

Authorized service centers

Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to guarantee excellent customer service through fast diagnostics and quality repairs, as well as speeding up the product replacement process, if necessary.

Ecommerce platform

Enter e-commerce in the digital age your way, and create unique customer experiences. Our platform is easy and fast to implement, and, based on a state-of-the-art electronic ecosystem, we offer hyper-converged infrastructures to leading brands, channels and corporate customers.

The integration of solutions under the concepts of private label, white label and web store, allows us to offer a very dynamic mechanism to customers who already have a digital presence, but especially to those who are in the process of creating one.


A safe and reliable way to diversify your e-commerce platform as you have direct access, in whole or in part, to our product inventory.

White label

Through the implementation of your own brand, logo or commercial image, we provide you with a dynamic web store designed to instantly establish a presence on the Internet.

Major brands

Using an innovative, adaptable and scalable approach to market interpretation, we offer a complete Internet sales platform.