General services

A global presence with a single approach

Take your business to another level with our innovative and comprehensive portfolio of value-added services. Customers today are demanding a partner with customized solutions that can be delivered and integrated more cost-effectively and faster than ever before.

Intcomex’s dedicated teams align to your business goals, so you can enhance your capabilities and offerings without adding infrastructure or staff. Whether you require a single solution or a combination of them, you can rely on us to provide the key resources designed to make the strategic outcomes of your business more achievable.

Retail services and point of sales management

Creating exceptional customer experiences that will translate into sales. Leading retailers and start ups trust us to deliver the tools and solutions designed to maximize revenues by transforming their customers’ interactions at the point of sale. As customer loyalty is primarily driven by the shopping experience, we work closely with retailers to interpret and conceptualize the trends that will consistently respond to the way customers want to buy.


Experience centers

As the primary retail strategy, these centers provide a unique environment for consumers to have hands-on and immersive interactions with your product or brand. Learn how your revenue building opportunities can multiply through brand awareness and customer engagement tactics.


Category management

Categorizing brands and products effectively is your roadmap to success. Let our team design and implement tailored strategies to maximize inventory productivity and achieve consistent profit margin growth. Expanding your market share and gaining customer satisfaction will lead to increased sales volumes along with higher foot traffic into your stores.



In today’s retail channel environment, it is crucial to determine the right space allocation for products and categories that would dynamically align with consumer demand. Our solutions provide the tools and expertise to ensure that retail floor plans, display fixtures and shelf assortments are not only compelling, but also seamlessly integrated and managed to their full potential.


Promotion staff

We provide client-tailored promotional staff to help businesses boost sales and increase product recognition through unforgettable brand experiences. Brand ambassadors, product promoters and models, who are marketing savvy, sales driven and charismatic, will engage and connect with guests, so as to turn every one of them into loyal customers.


Market analysis

Connecting the dots to develop winning go-to-market strategies is what we excel at. We help retailers understand how the market works and what their customers want. Business metrics, analytic techniques and surveys are used to measure the performance of marketing initiatives, in addition to assessing the attractiveness and the dynamics shaping the market being targeted.



Our dedicated team of merchandising professionals optimize retail shoppability by making a product visually appealing and easily accessible to the potential buyer. Focused on creating innovative retail environments able to turn consumer demand into purchase, we design skillful displays and advertising material that will enhance the equity of the product, line or brand you intend to promote.



We are committed to providing your floor representatives, associates, in-store staff and promoters the confidence, skills and ability to consistently reach sales targets and improve business performance. We complement our efforts with brand and category guidelines to further understand the attributes, benefits and scope defining each particular product on the sales floor.

Marketing services

From demand generation planning to tactical campaign execution. Every marketing initiative and strategy we design are focused on generating measurable return for your business. As an extension to your organization, we integrate a wide range of marketing resources to generate leads that will fuel interest and awareness of the product, service or event being targeted.


Event platform

Intcomex has the largest event platform in the region. As experts in the industry, we conceptualize and implement events and business meetings of all sizes and calibers, such as conventions, conferences, strategic corporate summits as well as major trade shows, like our renowned Intcomexpos. They provide attendees with unique networking opportunities and new product innovations, in addition to adding value to client organizations as their sales and marketing objectives can be effectively met.


Event planning

Through our comprehensive planning solutions, we organize, manage and also execute your event. Committed to crafting customized experiences, our expert teams are able to address your unique commercial goals, increase the visibility of your portfolio or brand and to consistently deliver powerful results.


Incentive programs

Incentives motivate behavior. Thoughtful incentive programs are systematically implemented to reward, retain and boost the motivation of sales teams.
The end result: improved sales productivity of resellers, in addition to an enduring commitment and loyalty to achieve performance objectives.


Advertising and design services

Stand out and win the purchase decision game at the shelf and on the web. From minisites, eblasts, brochures flyers, posters, banners and displays, our design professionals successfully combine marketing expertise and creativity with result-driven communicational tactics.


Digital services

Engage customers with digital experiences throughout their online journey. Our dedicated digital marketing team focuses on building a solid online presence. They take the voice behind your business or brand and make it spread-able. Integrated digital solutions across social media platforms, minisites and eblasts are launched not only to strengthen your brand image, but also to actively connect with your audience and ultimately, to influence their purchasing decision in a meaningful way.


Contact center

The hub where lead generation, inquiries, business opportunities and demand generation meet, all in real-time. Covering the entire region, our contact center constitutes a dynamic tool geared at promoting your brand, service and also your next big idea. By seamlessly handling all forms of communication, we are committed to making every customer interaction -at every touch point- really count.


Channel enablement

Like you, we are obsessed with driving sales through exceptional service. In a global landscape, companies are seeking to expand their workforce and establish collaborative partnerships by exploring channel opportunities. And at Intcomex, 50,000 resellers are already onboard. We recruit and keep the best in the industry. Resellers are proactively trained about your product or brand, and their skills sharpened, in order to successfully handle tough deals and increased sales volumes.


Learning workshops

Unleash the sales potential of your brand and of your product line. Intcome offers a wide range of specialized training programs for the channel in the region, with over 600 presentations focused on transforming sales representatives into expert product and service consultants. After completing our online or on-site training programs, participants increase the performance of their sales and gain the confidence they need to consistently meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.

Financial services

Your growth is our most important asset. Investing in our clients’ growth is what makes us your true business partners. With a solid and flexible financial services portfolio, we do not only offer better terms and conditions, but also better protection from the effects of economic instability or fluctuating commercial environments.

Contact our department and learn how our competitive solutions can enhance the capacity to expand and consolidate your business or venture in your target market.

Our capital advantages include:

bullet Lines of credit
bullet Risk management
bullet Electronic invoice
bullet Account activity online access – 24/7


Authorized service centers

Own it with confidence. Intcomex’s Authorized Service Centers are officially certified to provide technical and logistical support for major manufacturers in the region. Trained and knowledgeable technicians guarantee an outstanding customer service by performing quick diagnostics and quality repairs, or by expediting the replacement process of your product, if needed.

Ecommerce platform

E commerce, your way. Create unique customer experiences and take advantage of enterprise-class infrastructure to scale and grow your business—now and into the future.

Engagement in the digital age has revolutionized the way consumers approach purchasing and the way sellers communicate with them. To keep up with the times, our easily deployable architecture empowers businesses to promote their brand, expand their market share, and exponentially magnify their reach across every channel, and every device around the world.

Built upon a cutting-edge electronic ecosystem, Intcomex delivers tailored, hyperconverged infrastructures to major manufacturers, resellers and corporate clients. By integrating branded, white label and webstore solutions, we are able to offer a dynamic engine to clients who already have a digital presence, and specially to those who are just starting to build one.


A secure and reliable way for businesses to diversify their own e-commerce platform by accessing our inventory on a full or partial basis. Businesses can tap into additional revenue sources and accelerate their time to market without the expense and trouble of having to develop one of their own.

White label

A full e-commerce solution of digital products and services can be yours, literally. Through the use of your private label or branded name, Intcomex offers a dynamic webstore to instantly create an online presence and see your business grow as fast as digital markets do.

Major brands

Still not selling digital? Using an innovative, tailored and scalable marketplace approach, Intcomex is able to develop a full e-commerce platform to expose your brand or service and effectively achieve your commercial objectives.