Jun 16

Intcomex’s SBS Strengthens Business Relationships Among Industry Leaders

Intcomex successfully hosted the Strategic Business Summit 2023, an exclusive event bringing together 30 prominent clients from the Spanish Caribbean, Central America, and the Southern Cone. The summit took place in Nashville, Tennessee, United States, and served as a platform for partners and 22 leading brands to strengthen commercial relationships and provide a networking space to foster growth for all parties involved in the business.

Sandra Barahona, the Marketing Director of Intcomex, highlighted the event’s dynamic nature, which allowed for personalized meetings to enhance commercial ties. The summit provided an opportunity to gather feedback on the business in each territory and identify existing opportunities. Clients also had the chance to express their needs and requirements for continued growth alongside Intcomex, their primary business ally.

The SBS offered valuable strategic content, including a presentation by Zebra on the “Modern Store.” This session delved into the rapid changes in the retail industry and emphasized the importance of digitalization in overcoming current challenges. Solidigm also delivered a talk on the “New Paradigm of Solid State,” highlighting solutions that accelerate business speed.

Max Fischbach, the General Manager of Intcomex Miami, expressed satisfaction with the summit’s success in bringing together key partners from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Central America, as well as invited guests from Argentina and Paraguay. The event provided an ideal space for productive networking and business transactions.

The summit offered not only valuable business interactions but also moments of relaxation and enjoyment. Attendees had the opportunity to savor Nashville’s local cuisine through provided lunches and dinners. Additionally, they explored the city’s attractions and cultural offerings, immersing themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the “Music City.”

The success of the event was made possible through the support of renowned brands such as APC, Cisco, Dell Technologies, Forza, HP Systems, HP Printing, Intel, Kingston, KlipXtreme, Lenovo, Linksys, Logic Controls, Logitech, Microsoft, NCR, Nexxt Home, Nexxt Infrastructure, Primus, Solidigm, Western Digital, XTech, and Zebra.